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Logo Plastic Promotional Products: Sandpails, Sport Bottles, Rubber Stamps, Window Squeegee, Car Wash Kit, Plastic Bucket, Megaphone. Custom imprinted Promotional Products to add fun and excitement to your next promotional event or Trade Show. The Plastic Products are highly effective promotional items due to their variety of shapes and imprint methods: Silk Screened, Offset Printed, or Glow-in-the-Dark. Make your next company trade show fun and give away useful Plastic Promotional Items.

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Promotional Plastic Items, Custom Imprint: Megaphone, Clapper, Piggy Bank, Bag Clip, Polar Ice Scraper, Plastic Glow-in-the-Dark Sand Pails, Plastic Sports Bottles, Plastic Stamps, Clocks, Magnets, Stickers, Pens, Highlighters, desk accessories, travel accessories, computer related plastic items. Marketing Ideas: grand openings, anniversary celebrations, awards and rewards, safety incentive programs, political campaigns, festivals, fundraising, co-op marketing, sponsorships, trade-shows, special events. Make a Plastic Promotional Product part of your marketing mix today.

Selected Plastic Promotional Products

Silk Screened Sand Pails - Bag Clip - Piggy bank - Ice Scraper - Offset Printed Sand Pails - Glow-in-the-Dark Sand Pail - Offset Printed Bottles - Recycled Plastic Funnels - yoyos - Beach Fun Balls - Megaphones - Custom Flyers - Custom Fun Beach Kits - Rubber Stamps - Beach Promo Items - Winter Plastic Items

Promotional Sport Bottles, Logo Imprinted A modern innovation on the sport bottle!
Illusion Sport Bottle - 32 oz.
Computer Accessories with custom imprinted logo Promotional Computer Related Accessories
Computer Memo Holder
Promotional Imprinted Magnets Display your sentiments, show honor or pay respect
Ribbon Magnets
Plastic Promotional, Logo Imprinted Desk Accessories Rich colors for a fun Desk Accessory.
Translucent Paper Clip Dispenser
Promotional Travel alarm clocks Promotional Quartz analog movement wall clock
Translucent Cubicle Wall Clock
Favorite Promotions - Frosted Highlighters
Frosted Jumbo Highlighter
Promotional Pens and Pencils with your logo or slogan
Excellent Promotional Item to show your hospitality
Promotional Plastic Coffee Mugs
Advertising Specialty Items, logo Imprinted
Plastic Token
Fun Corporate events with plastic Promotional Tokens
Imprinted Plastic Promotional Products
The Internet Flyer is a great addition to any company outing.
Internet Flyer
Promotional Frisbee, Logo Imprinted Flyer
Will be on all desktops with your message displayed.
See-Thru Heavy Duty Rubber Mousepad
See Thru Mousepads, Custom Mouse Pad, Computer Mouse Pad, Custom Imprinted Mousepads

Welcome to our on-line catalogue of promotional products. Here we have thousands of exciting, and innovative ad specialties, premiums, giveaways, and imprinted promotional items waiting to be discovered by you. Whether you will mail them, give them away at a tradeshow, or leave them with customers, these promotional products will become an indispensable part of your marketing mix that will help you promote your business, launch a new brand, increase your sales, and reflect your image in a positive way. We invite you to browse our website and let you discover great promotional items, in many different product lines. You will find creative, bright, smart, fun, and colorful items such as stress relievers, mouse pads, novelties, mugs, stuffed animals and travel accessories. Ad specialties are very diverse; you can find items made of plastic, metal, paper, foam, ceramic, PVC, stainless steel, cotton, acrylic, crystal, glass, rubber, leather, and almost anything you can think of. These products can be silk-screened, screen-printed, etched, laser engraved, or stamped with your logo or message. Then, you are ready to use these products in a number of business situations: tradeshows, seminars, sales meetings, field trips, networking, sports events, sponsorships, sweepstakes, and any special occasion in which you want to put your brand name in front of your target audience. You will discover products specially designed to target babies, children, youngsters, adults, professionals, businessmen or any other target you need to promote your brand or idea to.

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We will help you match your specific needs with specific products. Take advantage of our years of Ad Specialties industry experience. Some popular promotional item categories are: desk, computer related, personal and pocket products, apparel, and writing instruments. Desk items include calendars, frames, clocks, rulers, post-it notes, clip holders, and coffee mugs. These items are used every day in the office, multiple times; thus, targets spend multiple hours in front of them. Computer related promotional items include mouse pads, mice, flash memory sticks, computer calendars, and usb accessories such as usb lights. Personal and pocket products include nail files, mirrors, ID kits, travel wallets, sewn kits, and pocket tools. Apparel products include decorated (screen printed or embroidered) wearables: shirts, jackets, robes, vests, and caps. Writing instruments include pencils, highlighters, and pens in all its forms (stick pens, roller pens, gel pens, retractable pens, and others).Fun plastic products are always welcome to any tradeshow or corporate event; we carry a wide variety of plastic flyers, yoyos, sun visors, glow-in-the-dark products, sand pails, direct mail and custom kits.Most of these products have utility value, and targets become naturally involved with them. There is no other advertising medium that offers such a small cost per impression.

Just think that the next premium you purchase was designed to deliver a brilliant solution for your marketing mix. Not just a good promotional item, a great promotional item… a promotional item that you would want to give… a promotional item that you would want to receive. Imprinted or Logoed Specialties. Think about what that means for your message, slogan, brand, or logo. We offer RUSH SERVICE on almost all of our promotional products

There are no worries or hassles when you order from us, our team of customer service reps will follow your order from the time it arrives to the time it is shipped to ensure that your order gets every bit of the attention it deserves. Your total satisfaction is important to us, so we fallow up with you to be sure you’re happy with the results. We carry a number of recognized brands of corporate awards, trophies, apparel and promotional items. Call us today we’d love to add you to our growing base of friends and clients.

Call us today at 888-799-2001 for plastic promotional product information or to order your ad specialties imprinted with your company's logo. Bold ideas, bright colors and thousands of products to make your business better.


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